Thursday, March 15, 2007

David's appeal*

Dear fuckers,

I write in humble supplication. Gone is the cockiness of the past that persuaded me that sending pictures of Jay Hirabiyashi’s penis as support material to provincial funding juries was a good idea, as is my habit of referring to my cherished peers and benefactors as fuckers, with all the endearment that that implies. I write now, to let you know of our subsequent and crucial need for box office returns at our upcoming Vancouver shows of [storm]!

Save my ass. Buy a ticket. See a fantasic show -“manly”, “compelling and disturbing dance theatre indeed” as the Globe says, or how about “a worthy fresh-thinking attempt to reach the ideal of opera that has eluded us for hundreds of years” as the Toronto Star would have it.

Buy a ticket, save my ass, See a great show, and the first beer is on us.

To see More of Jay Hirabiyashi’s penis, go here.


David McIntosh
artistic producer

*This is the original unedited version of David's appeal. An edited version (that wouldn't be flagged as spam) was sent to our mailing list.

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