Wednesday, March 14, 2007

[storm] in Victoria

Last night [storm] opened at the beautiful Belfry Theatre.

We inserted audience feedback sheets into the program, and here's a selection of what people had to say:

-"Amazing, my favourite so far this year at the Belfry. Definitely coming to a second show...."

-"The dancers were nothing short of brilliant!"

-"...I felt like jumping up and cheering!...

-"I could watch this for hours...Best performance I've seen in years!"

-"Wonderful flow of form in the dance...I loved the experience of watching! The lighting was great and created the space for the work. FAR FUCKING OUT! Congrats to ALL."

What a great beginning to our Victoria run! And there's still 4 nights to come...

Thanks to everyone who came out last night, to Stephen White and Dance Victoria for (once again!) being great hosts, and to Mary Desprez and the Belfry crew for such a warm welcome to the theatre!

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