Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Max and I arrived at the Banff Arts Centre full of optimism and looking forward to delving into a week of creation for Bob's Lounge's new project "Motel" .
 We were fortunate enough to meet some other exciting artists performing work at the centre (see below). We felt so proud to be Canadian!
Max immediately got down to work , composing.
We met some old friends at the Art Centre's Cafe, The Pink Taco. Good times!
Then we went down to the basement and shot off some automatic weapons in the Banff Art Centres underground shooting range.
Here's our friend Rosa with an Uzi. And thanks for the photos Rosa!

The centre is quite multicultural these days. You can select any number of race war scenarios to pump your automatic lead into. There were the Asian punks with spiky hair, a Black 'Brotha' in overalls, a White "Man" in a truckers cap, good ol'Osama, some palestinians, a couple Latinos, and some Russian looking guy with a knife to a woman's throat in a subway. That last one was hard to hit without riddling the lady too, but hey collateral damage and art making, they do go hand in hand. Don't they?

Mr MacGoo seems to have a thing for the Latinos.

I jammed out and went for the nonrepresentational target. Must be because of all my time in the 'abstract dance' world. That, and my white sense of privilege!

We spent a good deal of our time (when not working hard on the art making) driving Mr. MacGoo around in a convertible looking for a pair of shorts. His  zipper was broken, and what with the largeness of his penis and the still somewhat conservative nature of the work presented in Banff, we all felt a little uneasy.
Fortunately , we were eventually able to find the right strip mall, and no problems arose from this situation.
We also went to the Liberace museum in nearby Jasper. Wow!
You know, the funny thing about being in Alberta is that even though you can drink and whore and gamble at a Provincially tax free rate, it's just not that sexy. I mean, if everyone is sinning or encouraged to sin through the democracies of capitalist strip malls, well, where is the transgression? I hate to be a snob, but it's just so cow like. mooooo... . But anyway, like all the other times I've been to Alberta, I may not have enjoyed it but I sure got a lot of work done. Thanks Banff Art Centre! Keep checking in on the batteryopera website for more updates on "Motel" as it develops!
Love, David.

Max had bit of a problem with the security at the border, and had to stay an extra day.


mcmaguire said...

Dave --I've been to Banff---that sure as hell doesn't look like Banff---unless the arty Banff is a bunch of
movie lot / western town fronts and you went behind the facade---deep...really deep Dave, you penetrator/
exposure of unseen worlds! And such a splendid world
you unearthed! Forget middle earth---this is far stranger, more surreal...I recommend you get out of the arty stuff and apply for grants in astro-travelling
there's got to be a astro-travel section at C.C....if not
they got to start one!!!!

Adrienne said...

and here I thought our tax dollars were being wasted.

go art go!

battery opera said...

Tax dollars?
What do you mean "tax dollars"?