Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yes, I think it is about the Olympics.

These are hard times for bankers and politicians.

These are hard times, and the arts must take the blame.

In light of the prudent fucking of BC based artists by their just and honest leaders, I suggest it would show great fiscal responsibility if all arts organisations deferred their Vancouver presentation activities scheduled between January 22 and March 21st, 2010. Defer to a time when the global economy picks up and the children are allowed second helpings of gruel. Or until March 22nd.

Yes, I think it is about the Olympics.

The arts and culture "sector" was enlisted to help land this corporate cluster fuck. Now it's here the "sector" is expendable. Why be fearful of offending these people? You can't lose what you never had a chance of getting in the first place. Respect. What's to celebrate in this context? Don't stop making art, but make it on your own terms after Mach 21st.

I know, it's easy for me to say.

I've been planning my escape ever since I spent 3 days at an artist's consult meeting with Vanoc two years ago. Three days with risk averse corporate cluster-fuck operatives and a bunch of depressingly well behaved 'artists' from across Canada. For my troubles I got a severe MRSA staff infection on my face and a major boost to my misanthropic world view.

During the olympics I'll be doing a self-constructed developmental workshop in a totalitarian country in the tropics.

There is no escape.

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